Juice 101



(Sm 12oz)/Lg 20 oz)

Fresh Pineapple                                         $9/10

4 Horseman                                              $7/9

apple, beet, celery, carrot

33 (Tribute to Larry Bird)                     $7/9

green veggies and apple

Z-8                                                          $8/10

carrot, beet, celery, tomato, kale, jalapeno,

garlic, cucumber

Premium Juice Combination:                  $8/10

Choose up to 4: beet, carrot, celery, apple, lemon, kale, tomato, garlic, ginger, jalapeno, cucumber, pomegranate, acai, pineapple, mango, orange

Tai Mai                                                        $7/9

pineapple, mango, orange

Recovery Elixir                                           $7/9

Cranberry Juice, goji, ginseng, iced green tea

Liquid Aloha                                             $7/9

Kale, Parsley, Cucumber, Pineapple

Mintade                                                     $7/9

Mint, Cucumber, Fresh Lemonade


Ginger                                                       $5

Noni, Goji, or Kava                                  $2


100% Local Coffee                                    $3

100% Local Decaf French                         $3

Iced 100% Local Coffee                             $3/4

100% Hawaiian Espresso                         $3/4

Iced Latte                                                  $3/4

Cappuccino                                               $4

Latte                                                          $4

Fire & Ice Iced Blended Coffee                  $7/9

Iced Blended Mocha Banana                   $7/9

Random Drinks

Tropical Iced Tea                                          $3/4

Iced Green Tea                                             $3/4

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade                         $5/6

Arnold Palmer                                             $4/5




(Sm 12oz/Lg 20oz)


Perfecto                                                   $7/9

Smoothie of the Day

B-52                                                       $7/9

Strawberries, blueberries, mango,

pineapple juice

Pirates of the Hawaiian Islands          $7/9

Banana, pineapple, mango, coconut

lilikoi , rice milk

Fountain of Youth                                $7/9

Blueberry, Cranberry juice, acai, kale

Purple Haze                                           $7/9

Acai, blueberry, banana, Cranberry juice,

soy milk, frozen yogurt

The Garage                                            $7/9

the 101 works - all fruits

Jinx Bond                                             $9/10

matcha green tea powder, banana,

frozen yogurt, rice milk

Enter Sandman                                             $9/10

dark chocolate, frozen yogurt, almond milk,

banana, macnut butter



Meal Replacement Smoothies

MetRx                                                       $8/9

Vanilla whey protein, banana, rice milk

Hulk                                                        $9/11

Soy protein, kale, apple, banana,

blueberry, Cranberry juice

Breakfast Fiber Smoothie                      $9/11

Sun Warrior, banana, date, coconut oil, matcha green tea powder, almond milk

Lean Machine                                          $9/11

Whey protein powder, macnut butter, flaxseed oil, blueberries, almond milk


Bee pollen, Goji Berries, Cacao, Ginseng     $1

Protein, Maca, Fiber, Acai, Spirulina         $2


(Served All Day)


w/ butter or Cream Cheese          $2/4

w/hummus, tomato, cucumbers, sprouts  $6.50

w/ cream cheese, smoked salmon $7

Acai Bowl                                     $8

Acai Blended with fruit, dollop of yogurt, Topped with fresh fruit, Granola, Coconut

Egg & Avocado Wrap                    $8

Tomato and cheddar
Egg & Turkey Wrap                      $8

Tomato and cheddar

HOT Paninis &
                   COLD Wraps

               With salad or chips

Tomato Mozz                                 $8

And Turkey                                  $10

fresh basil, pesto

Veggie Wrap                                   $9

Hummus, Tomatoes, Cukes, Sprouts

Turkey & Prosciutto                     $10

brie, Dijon, tomato, sprouts

Corleone Italian                             $11

prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella, basil,

olive tapenade

No-Mayo Tuna                             $11

EVOO, onions, celery, tomato, cheddar, Sprouts


Greek                                               $11

mixed local organic lettuces, cucumbers,

tomatoes, olives, local goat feta,

lemon oregano vinaigrette

Local Hippy Farmer                       $11

mixed local organic lettuces, radishes,

cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, feta,

orange basil vinaigrette

No-Mayo Tuna                              $12

mixed local organic lettuces, sprouts,

tomato, cucumber, Balsamic vinegar